Cigar Box Apothecary Collection

Just in time for Christmas.  We've put together some of our most popular men's products and upped the awesome factor by housing them in these graphically pleasing cigar boxes.  

Just the facts ma'am:

Kristoff Collection Includes:
 • A Badger Hair Soap Brush
 • Tobacco Shaving Soap
 • Parker 3-piece razor
 • Mahogany Aftershave

Padrón Collection Includes:
 • Cream City Pomade
 • Handsome Hands Hand Cream
 • Cream City Lip Balm 
 • Sandalwood Aftershave

Nub Collection Includes:
 • Men's Society Flask
 • Bearded Bastard Babershop Beard Oil
 • Bearded Bastard Woodsman Beard Balm

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