Welcome to the Maker Movement

In a world of mass-produced products an evolution is occurring - a social movement with an artisan spirit.  The US has an amazing community of designers and creators, Fritz and Sparrow are a part of that community and that evolution.  

Crafting our own furniture was one aspect of our involvement in the Maker Movement, but we wanted to do more.  We wanted to bring the Movement to our local community.  

So we opened a shop where you can get our handmade goods, as well as items from other designers and creators from around the US.  Products made in the USA by small businesses, local mom and pop shops, DIY’ers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Naturally, we found a space at the epicenter of Green Bay’s indie culture - The Broadway District.

Ask us the "back story" on the items in our store and there's a good chance you'll get an earful.  We strive for American sourced goods, we have items from Portland to Brooklyn and of course from the heart of America.

Become part of the Maker Movement, support local business, shop Fritz and Sparrow.