Hi, I'm Rebecca

I grew up in the north country, in a pastural setting.  Friends were mostly imaginary and my playground; fields, an old barn and a corn crib.  Words like art, creativity and crafting didn’t really enter the realm of my family’s conversations.  We built, constructed and fabricated.  My father was forever building something and I his loyal follower would always be near collecting the bits of wood that fell from his work bench.  I would then construct my own projects. 

We were a “salvaging” family.  We salvaged, reclaimed and recycled before it was trendy.  Only then we called it “scrounging” - we still refer to ourselves as scroungers.   I recall summers of pulling nails out of old lumber, so my father could build something or another.  As grew older I would refurbish old furniture in an attempt to create my eclectic college surroundings.  Even when my husband and I remodeled our first home, a 1919 Milwaukee bungalow, we used insulation scrounged from a warehouse demolition and woodwork from a bank demolition. 

I should mention that when I was young my family started an excavation and demolition company. So we were and still are fortunate to have opportunities to pick through and deconstruct old buildings before the demo ball comes with it’s fatal swing.

Having a mind full of ingenuity and a restless soul, art and design was destined to be my future.   My education and upbringing have amalgamated to create who I am today; as a designer, creator and fellow being. 

I still live in the north county, but my setting no longer endless fields and faded barns.  We live on a busy street, in an urban atmosphere, in a 1900 farm house. My husband, a English import, helped me co-create our three children. We have recently adopted a 6 year old yellow lab. It’s here in our house, among the chaos of family life you’ll find a mix of styles.  I feel that decorating in one style makes a home very static. A home should be a living piece of art, different pieces that one loves coming together to create space that is uniquely theirs. 

I don’t have a quixotic or compellingly profound story as to where I get my inspiration from.  Often it’s hardware stores, thrift shops and flea markets.  Magazines; so full of color and visual stimulation are wondrous for developing budding ideas. Sometimes inspiration just sneaks up on me. 

Many of the furniture items in my shop are handmade by me, in my studio. So if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact me directly and together we can create a piece that’s uniquely you.

I can be reached via email rebecca@fritzandsparrow.com