Fall 2016 Home Trends

September 03, 2016



Last Thursday at 7:55am a bell rang and all was right again. Yes, my children went  back to school.  I know we still have (maybe) another month of wet swimsuits on the floor, grass clippings being traipsed through the house and a thin layer of sand everywhere.  But for the most part the house will once again become mine.  I ruminate on the approaching fall and winter, and wonder what home decor trends are being proposed for the upcoming seasons.  I like what I see.  

The Artisan Movement 

Not surprisingly the Artisan trend will continue to go strong.  Handcrafted items infuse the home with a sense of artistry and uniqueness.  Today's buyers are looking for more than a good deal.  Some want a story behind their purchase, others buy with a conscience and still others want items with limited availability.  

Texture and Pattern

When I think of fall, images of tweed, wool and tartan find their way into my mind.  Fall and winter will see it's share of these materials, as well as heavier textures.  Wool blankets, wooden pieces, linen pillows and wicker items give a setting visual interest. Cork will be huge too, not just metaphorically but physically - l'm talking entire walls of cork.  Intricate geometric patterns will be popular in tile and floral patterns will be taking over wallpaper.  I know....you're thinking "tile and wallpaper - wtf?" I too am mildly afraid of such commitment.  Instead you can play with geometrics and flowers on pillows, blankets and prints (easy to break-up with).

Living with Color

Whether you like light and dreamy pastels or rich and moody darks, you'll be covered.  Pastels came onto the scene this past spring when Pantone released their color report and it included the likes of Rose Quartz and Serenity.  This pastel-y palette will continue to be popular in the upcoming fall and winter (thankfully for we Sconnies).  But if you had enough of the pastels in the late 80's and early 90's, then you might want to look into it's inky counterpart. Indigo blue has ruled the roost for some time and this is set to continue. However, blue will be finding company with lush greens and rich grays, often in luxe materials like velvet. 

So, now you know a few of the home trends for the upcoming seasons.  You better get busy - the holidays are just around the corner.