Music recommendation? Yes, please!

January 23, 2016

At the risk of assuming you care, I'm going to talk about one of my favorites.  Amos Lee has been in my music repertoire for years.  

Pre-husband and children I would lay on the floor next to my speakers (mind you this is the time of stereo receivers and 5-disk cd players) and simply listen to music.  Feeling the reverberation of the base was essential to listening, so laying on the floor was a necessity.  If such a pleasure was attempted today, it would include a dog desperately trying to lick my face. Child one would use my laying body as an obstacle course, while children two and three would sit down and stare at me in mild disgust......I've gone awry with this post haven't I?  

Right, back to Amos.  

His music still has the ability to make me stop and simply listen.  Much of what he does is acoustic, but I've recently stumbled across this video of him singing Windows Rolled Down with the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks.  

And just in case you wanted to see his acoustic side.....