Your Home's New Year's Resolution

January 01, 2016

You could resolve to eat healthier, lose weight, or exercise more....but wouldn't you like to resolve to do something that has a more instant gratification effect to it?  Look around you....your home could lose a little weight itself. 

"Clear the clutter", we hear it all the time.  Unfortunately, for the the pack rats among us, it's incredibility true.  Neuroscientists at Princeton University found that physical clutter in our surroundings restricts our focus and reduces our ability to process information. This in turn makes us irritable and stressed.  So "clear the clutter" should be a mantra you follow this year.  

Oh, where to start!  Declutter in steps and complete one space at a time.  Commit to completing one room per week and if needed break that room down to one area per night.  By Valentine's Day you'll have a home worthy of a BHG cover, you'll feel better about yourself and have a happier attitude. An extra didn't cost you a thing!

Now that you've rid your home of its excess weight, it's time to firm up what's left.  Remotes, magazines, extra blankets, toys should be stored in aesthetically pleasing ways.  Wicker baskets, metal trays, wooden bowls and crates are all useful for hiding away the essentials, but provide easy access when these items are needed.


Now that your house is in shape, give it a facial to freshen it up.  Simple changes like switching out the pillows and throws can make a big difference.  Rearrange or change out items on the mantel and bookshelf. 


Finally indulge in a little aromatherapy with a new candle giving off a fresh and light scent.